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VLC (Visible Light Communication) is a protocol Geist has featured in its PDUs to enable users to ensure they have full visibility of a PDU's status and activity at their fingertips.

The VLC function encodes information into specially designed 2D barcode and streams them between the LED display and the camera on a smartphone, allowing users to "scan" a PDU and populate the unit's status and activity in a nice, legible format over the Geist App.

VLC comes standard and the Geist App is readily available via Apple Store. Coming soon on Google Play.

Special Features

Real-time Capture of Comprehensive PDU Data

Capture data instantly on a smart device (<3 seconds) and export or email as necessary.

Automation of PDU Inventory Management

Scan and export PDU serial #s and additional data on CSV attachment via email.

Secure & Interference Free Wireless Data Transmission

Due to the high directionality of narrow light beams, VLC can enable secure and interference-free wireless links.  For customers who cannot share network connectivity or physical access, it is possible to have a managed capture device which can be controlled to ensure only key people can read data from the Geist unit.


This is a networking security measure that dictates that there is a physical gap between an ultra-secure area and a less-secure area in the network realm. VLC mimics this concept by dictating that a physical action by an individual in the correct local replace a network connection to enable extreme security and separation.

Interactive Views

Geist's FAQ section aims to answer specific questions related to this product offering. If you need further support, please contact Tech Support directly.

Geist Mobile App FAQs

How does VLC work?

The VLC function works by, at a press of a button, projecting a stream of non-human readable characters in rapid succession on the local display that can be interpreted from a mobile device camera and translated into a human readable format.

This allows significantly more information from the PDU to be displayed in a more legible manner than the simple LED display can achieve. The mobile device (phone or tablet) can save this information and export to CSV.

This level of information would normally only be available over a unit's web interface or via software provided the device settings and IP address were configured. No prior configuration is required to access this data over VLC. The benefit of being able to populate a rack's power consumption and sensor data at a quick scan is enjoyed by all who have physical access to the rack and want a quick summary of the unit.

What information is available when I use VLC to scan my unit?

Utilizing the Geist App, the following fields are populated:

  • Serial #
  • Volts
  • Amps
  • Watts
  • VA
  • kWh
  • Breakers (by breaker)
  • Phase (Volts, Amps, Watts, VA, kWh by phase)
  • Circuit (Volts, Amps, Watts, VA, kWh by circuit)
  • Aggregate power readings